I'm an italian multidisciplinary designer currently living and working in Rome. I primarily find myself focusing on: things that are going to be interactive, pages that someone is going to print, drawing lettering & free form illustrations, arranging things on the wall of an exhibition or shaping pages for the web.

CampusX pictogram set
Radicali.it - A new start
Winter Wonderland
Manna - Ciriole, Zuppe, Primizie
Science Museum
Home Sweet Home
Saltwater Creatures
Reaction Rome
Porci con le ali
My Secret Rome
Tenimenti D'Alessandro
Starry skies over the Dolomites
Clinical Trial Center
Schiattarella Associati
Heinz Beck Tokyo
Icons & Pictograms
Branca - Sulle ali dell'eccellenza (Rizzoli)
Spam! - Con gli alieni a colli Aniene
Bozena & Flori - Lettering
Sting - Glasses too have a soul
Self Indulgence / A new identity
Tess - Take my word
A Part Wolf - Lettering
Finmeccanica - Reports 2012
Nuovo Imaie
Fondazione Felice ChirĂ² - Responsive Website
Frizzo Restaurant - Interactive Menu and Website
Microsoft Communities - Data Visualizers
Coesia Recruting - Brochure
CTS Spollo Kitchen Project
Trulli di Zia Vittoria / Trullo delle Rose - Website
The Loko Burger - Poster
Lookaround - Identity + Materials
Rome Docscient 2011 - Rebranding and Materials
Olio Intini - Brochure + Website
Lucville - Cd Cover and Lettering
"The story of Belle and Wissell" - Promo Pack
74:33 1st Birthday Party - Poster
ABMC - Interactive Storytelling Websites
Jimi Hendrix - An Evolution of Sound - EMP Seattle
Accidents Will Happen: Stories from Rock Photography
Spontaneous Knits
OSO magazine
Polo Museale Romano
Nike Air Max Revolution
Contributo di Soggiorno - Identity Proposal
Drawing on magazines
Progetto Grafico Magazine
De Rerum Natura
Japan Cultural Institute in Rome
We Survived Ridley Scott
High Karate Records
Sounds Like Graphics - Thesis
D&G 10th Anniversary Book
Le Nuvole
Dirty Martini "Tea & Revenge"
Into the Unity
Illusive 2 Book
Re: Fresh!
Spike Tv - Scream Awards
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