Frizzo Restaurant - Interactive Menu and Website

Website and Menu app for Frizzo Restaurant Rome

Frizzo. Where do you wanna go today?
Settled in the centre of Rome, Frizzo is a new restaurant which offers a particular culinary experience mixing the best dishes from all around the world. In order to create a convincing brand identity, at Humus Design we took inspiration from the best contemporary restaurants, bistrots and pubs trying to create something totally fresh as opposed to the classic branding experience the restaurants in Rome have to offer. The name Frizzo comes from the word “frizzare”, something pretty close to the verb “to sparkle”. It immediately gives a sense of joy, we didn’t want it to appear too snobbish. The graphic style is a mix between Art Deco and Industrial Design, with a contemporary twist and different textures and shapes giving a sense of refined dynamism. Humus followed the entire project and developed a full range of products for the restaurants: t-shirts, customized bottles, aprons, printed materials, menus, take away packaging, internal and external signage and decorations and much more. Last but not least we developed a slim and sleek one page website and designed a Microsoft Surface app that allows customers to choose their food and send their order to the kitchen right from the tablets they will find on each table.
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