Lookaround - Identity + Materials

www.madebyloko.com LOOKAROUND is a non-profit local visual project

A non-profit local visual project
LOKO started a partnership with some local retailers and restaurants of the Rome area to bring ground breaking young artists, designers and illustrators to their customers for free, out of the galleries and the web.
The LOOKAROUND series started with Silvana Santi (photographer) and Daniela Volpari (illustrator) that showed their work on the walls of Taberna (top quality food, artisanal and foreign beers, wine), just outside of Rome. The exhibitions change every two weeks so there's always something new to fall in love with.
LOKO follows the artists in the whole process of promoting their work, with posters, wall tags, flyers and other promo materials. For more infos and to propose your work, write us at info@madebyloko.com.
Font is Cassannet by Atipo.

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